2020 Orange Blossom F-Class Regional

  • March 22: F-Class 4 Man Team Match*
  • March 22: F-Class Squadded Practice ~ after the Team Match
  • March 23, 24, 25: Orange Blossom F-Class 1800 Point Regional, 600 yards 
  • March 25: F-Class BBQ & Awards Ceremony

Click here to print the Match Program

There is a link on the Match Program for electronic registration and payment.

Match Director Brad Sutherland, 305-218-7057. floridaobr@gmail.com

Fees and Match Info


  • $120/Team F-Class 4 Man Team Match*
  • $10 F-Class Squadded Practice
  • $130 F-Class Regional – Adult (includes BBQ)
  • $120 F-Class Regional – PMRPC Member (includes BBQ)
  • $60 F-Class Regional – Junior (includes BBQ)
  • $20 Additional BBQ

Rules: This is an NRA Regional Match. All current NRA High Power Rules for a regional match apply. See General Rules for additional information.

Rifles: F-Class, Rule 22.3.4(a) Open and 22.3.4(b) Target

Check-in: Packets may be picked up at the Stat Shack. Shooting begins daily at 8:00am. Competitors should report to the 600 yard line by 7:45am for roll call. Gate Cards are available to competitors for a $20 deposit.  

Rifle Weighing: Rifles should be weighed before the competitor’s first recorded shot to be eligible for medals and awards. Rifles may be weighed at packet pick up and Sight-in.

*There will be a 4-Man Team Match on March 22. This match will be fired concurrently with the 4-Man MidRange Team Match. This match will be fired at 300, 500 and 600 yards; 2 sighting shots and 20 rounds per firing member. This is match is limited to  the first 18 teams. Pre-registration is encouraged.


F-Class Practice

Sunday, March 22, ~1pm: F-Class Squadded Practice ~ one hour after the team match

Check in with Stat office for target assignments. 

F-Class Team Match

Sunday, March 22, 8am: FClass 4man Team Match

  • Match 1: 300 yards, 2 sighting shots, 20 rounds for record, total time 22 minutes
  • Match 2: 500 yards, 2 sighting shots, 20 rounds for record, total time 22 minutes
  • Match 3: 600 yards, 2 sighting shots, 20 rounds for record, total time 22 minutes
  • Match 4: Team total of stages 1 to 3.

    Shot concurrent with the MidRange 4 Man Team Match


  • intentionally blank for the moment

Orange Blossom F-Class Regional

Monday – Wednesday, 3/23, 24, 25/2020, 8AM 

Regional: This is an 1800 point aggregate match, made up of three 600 point matches.

Note: No infiltration permitted in individual matches. 



  • Match 1: 600 yards, Unlimited sighting shots, 20 shots for record, total time 25 minutes.   
  • Match 2: 600 yards, 2  convertible sighting shots, 20 shots for record, total time 22 minutes.
  • Match 3: 600 yards, 2 convertible sighting shots, 20 shots for record, total time 22 minutes.


  • Match 4: 600 yards, Unlimited sighting shots, 20 shots for record, total time 25 minutes.
  • Match 5: 600 yards, 2 convertible sighting shots, 20 shots for record, total time 22 minutes.
  • Match 6: 600 yards, 2 convertible sighting shots, 20 shots for record, total time 22 minutes.


  • Match 7: 600 yards, Unlimited sighting shots, 20 shots for record, total time 25 minutes.
  • Match 8: 600 yards, 2 convertible sighting shots, 20 shots for record, total time 22 minutes.
  • Match 9: 600 yards, 2 convertible sighting shots, 20 shots for record, total time 22 minutes.
  • Aggregate: Total of  Matches 1-9

Wednesday, 3/25/2020 ~1pm: F-Class BarBQue & Awards Ceremony

A BBQ dinner will be held for competitors, additional tickets available for $20 each. The Awards Ceremony for the Regional will be held immediately after the Bar-B-Que. There will be many raffle prizes – competitors must be present to win.

General Rules for All Matches

Ammunition: Any safe ammunition supplied by the competitor  Rule 3.17. Any ammunition that repeatedly blow primers or splits cases will be ruled defective or unsafe and will be removed from the firing line, Rule 3.17(b).

Awards: Individual – NRA Regional Medals for First, Second and Third Place by Rifle type. Cash prizes for place and category awards. Five Competitors are required for First Place, ten competitors for Second Place and fifteen competitors for Third Place. Awards are awarded in a one and done manner; class awards primary and category awards secondary. Rifle types are combined for category awards.  Team – NRA Rules shall govern, specifically Rule 2.10 – 2.20 and 12.1 – 12.7. Five teams required to make a class.  Teams are classified by computing the “team average” based on the classification of each firing member as specified in Rule19.12. Teams with mixed rifle types should check in with the Stat Office to verify team rifle type. Pick-up teams may be allowed up to the 18 team limit. Pit rotations will permit a firing member to go to the pits if needed. 

Bolt Closing: All competitors shall close the bolt only when the rifle is parallel to the ground and pointed at the targets or the berm. Trigger finger must remain outside the trigger guard until on target. The Line Officer will issue a warning to any competitor that is observed violating this policy.  Any competitor continuing to violate this policy will be disqualified. This is a Range Rule to prevent rounds from being launched over the berm.

Brass and Trash Call: There will be a brass and trash call after each relay change.  

 Camping:  Limited dry camping is available on the range. Cost is $10 a night for RVs  with electricity. Tent camping, not requiring electricity, is free. Contact Terry at floridaobr@gmail.com . 

Cancellation: If a match is cancelled and not rescheduled, a refund will be given after all costs of all matches are paid. 

Challenge Period: The challenge period for posted scores shall last for 20 minutes after all firing is complete for the day. The official scores will be posted on the white board under the Pole Barn. Report Challenges or errors to the Stat Shack.

Challenges: A challenge fee of $3.00 will be charged, Rule 16.1. Fee must be given to the line officer before the challenge is acted upon. Cash only, exact change, no pennies.

Cold Bore Coin: A cold bore coin will be awarded to any competitor whose first round of the day is an “X”. Score keepers should note the round on the competitor’s score card. There are no “warm-up” or “barrel fowling” shots permitted on this range.

Directions: Exit I95 westbound on Malabar Rd./ State Rd. 514. Follow Malabar Rd. 4.8 miles to Hurley Blvd. Left on Hurley Blvd.; gate to the club is at the end of Hurley. Highpower range is to the right. Address is 610 Hurley Blvd., Palm Bay, FL. 32905

Empty Chamber Indicators:  are required at all matches  Rule 3.21. In addition, if the rifle is equipped with a removable magazine, that magazine must be removed when the EIC is inserted.

Eye Protection and Ear Protection: PMRPC Rules require ear protection and strongly suggests Competitors wear eye protection. In the pits, eye protection is required, and a hat is recommended.

Miscellaneous: Food is not available at the range – competitors should bring fluids and snacks with them. There are several convenience stores on Malabar Rd. on the way to the range. 

Parking: Allowed on the Range, in marked areas, weather permitting.  Special needs should be identified in advance.

 Physical limitations: Any competitor with a physical limitation who requests special consideration for shooting or pit duty must communicate that need on the entry form. Competitors with NRA Medical Waivers should present their card at packet pick up.

PRE REGISTRATION ONLY:   All entries must be received by 2/24/2020.  Please check the official match web site at www.orangeblossomregional.com  for updates.

Range Capacity: Entries are limited to the first 90 competitors.

Ready Line: A ready line will be established and indicated on the range.  Only the competitor and score keeper may be in front of the ready line.  All conversations are to take place BEHIND this line.  Please be courteous to those still shooting. 

Refunds: Competitor cancellations should be emailed before 2/24/2020, for a full refund.  A $25 administrative fee will be deducted from refunds requested after 2/24/2020. No refunds after your Regional begins. Email cancellations to floridaobr@gmail.com. Refunds will be mailed after the Regionals are complete and all bills paid.

Score Keepers are match officials with a duty to pay close attention to the competitor, Rule 14.3.1. Score Keepers must account for all rounds fired. Score Keepers must immediately report non-visible misses to the line official.

Scoring: The Silver Mountain Electronic Targets System will be used (NRA rule 10.17). Competitors should bring an electronic device with sufficient power for a full day of operation and a browser capable of accessing an internal webpage over the Range WiFi. With the electronic target system competitors are still required to score. Paid score keepers are not permitted. Assistance is required setting up and taking down targets; failure to do so may lead to disqualification. In the event of a catastrophic failure or malfunction of the electronic target system, the Match Director will reserve the right to either delay the match or to switch to manual targets. All competitors will be required to perform pit duties if such a case arises.  If a substitute puller is used, the competitor is responsible for their attendance and performance. Competitors with physical limitations that need assistance should notify the Match Director in advance. 

Smoking: Smoking / Vaping will be allowed on the range in designated areas only. No smoking / vaping on the Firing line, Ready Line, any buildings or under the tents & shelters. Do not discard butts on the ground.

Sportsmanship: Rule 9.27 will be administered by the Match Director.  Those not adhering to the rule will be asked to leave the range.  No refunds will be given for any remaining matches.

Squadding:  Whenever possible, all competitors of the same classification should be squadded on the same relay, Rule 11.6.7. Any special squadding requests should be noted on the registration form. Please be specific i.e. sharing a car, sharing equipment.

Targets: 600 yards – MR1 w/MR1FC

Weather: Matches will be fired regardless of mildly inclement weather. Severe weather may cause the Match Director to delay relays until the situation improves or reschedule it.

Zeros:  You must have zeros for all yard lines you will shoot. Club Rule – Any non-accounted-for shots will cause the competitor to be removed from the firing line. 

The Match Program stands as the primary document.